Dec 19, 2017

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The Cause Of The Lump On The Wrist

The appearance of a lump on the wrist may be a sign you have a ganglion cyst. Ganglion cysts are considered harmless and can disappear by themselves, but if pain arises, you can perform medical treatment, such as removing a lump liquid with an injection or surgical removal to remove the lump. Visit hand surgeon Houston to get the best and proper treatment.



Not only on the wrist, a lump indicated as a ganglion cyst may appear in other areas of the body close to the joint. It’s just that the hands, fingers, and wrists, especially on the back side of the wrist, became the most general section of the appearance of ganglion cysts. This arises from a synovial fluid leak so that it collects in a bag and forms a lump. Liquids that have a thick texture like jelly is actually has a function to lubricate and protect the joints or tendons during movement.

Although it must take several years, the lump on the wrist may disappear by itself without the need for treatment. Usually, the doctor will advise the patient to avoid moving the wrists repeatedly and using a support until the cysts shrink. This advice will usually be given if a lump or cyst does not cause pain. If the cyst or lump causes pain and pain, the doctor will consider performing medical activities such as:

– Operation
There are two types of surgery that can be an option in removing cysts on the wrist. The first is open surgery. This surgery is done by slashing about 5 cm part of the cyst to remove the cyst. The second operation that can be done is an arthroscopic operation. This operation is done by making a small incision to insert a small camera or arthroscope into the joint or tendon. This arthroscope will also be a guide tool to remove ganglion cysts.

– Aspiration or injection of fluid out
This is the simplest and most painless medical act. As for the medical act of aspiration is done by sucking the fluid contained in the cyst using a syringe. Although the aspiration treatment that is usually the main recommendation has been successful, the possibility of cysts re-emerged cannot be avoided. For that reason, sometimes this medical act will be accompanied by injection of steroid fluid to prevent the re-emergence of the cyst.

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