Dec 19, 2017

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What is Hand Surgery Consultation?

Hand surgery is a field of medicine and surgery that treats health care disorders, injuries, infections and diseases that attack the hands. The hand is one of the most important parts of the body because it contains many nerves that are rich in sensory coordination information. The hand is also a fairly complicated part of surgery because there are many nerves, blood vessels, bones, tissues, and muscles. Hand surgery consultations, especially those not performed in emergency situations, aim to explain patients about the risks, complications, and benefits of the surgical procedures recommended by the doctor. In consultation, the doctor will explain the complexity of the surgical technique that used by the hand surgeon Houston to be used and how the surgical procedure that accompanied the treatment can restore the functioning of the hand as it was originally.

Before undergoing surgery, the patient should follow a pre-surgical consultation. Patients undergoing hand surgery are persons with injuries, disorders or diseases affecting hand function and movement, such as:

– Hand injuries, including the severity of injuries that require hand or finger amputation, and finger grafting (replantation).

– Carpal tunnel syndrome, is a malfunction in which the median nerve of the hand is squeezed under pressure. These nerves then move from the wrist to the carpal tunnel causing mild to severe pain, tingling, and numbness. In severe conditions, the pain may spread to the forearm and shoulder. People who are at risk for this disease, those who have diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, and who have hypothyroidism and abnormal carpal tunnel diameters.

– Carpometacarpal bossing, ie the appearance of small bumps that do not move on the bone. This condition often occurs in joints that connect the metacarpal and carpal bones, known as carpometacarpal joints. This joint will swell and look like a lump on the wrist. Although it does not feel pain and does not interfere with the function and movement of the hand, this condition generally makes the patient worried and think of this lump as a ganglion cyst.

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