Dec 19, 2017

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Do a Safe Hand Surgery on hand surgeon Houston

Do a Safe Hand Surgery on hand surgeon Houston

Hand defects, conditions that have existed since the patient was born. Experts believe that hand disabilities may interfere with the learning and development of the child, as this condition will limit the sensory coordination system to the environment. The level of congenital defects starts from minor defects (the arrangement of fingers is not normal) to severe (there is no bone, thus affecting the structure and function of the hand).

Examples are hands that bend into the thumb, syndactyly (the parts of the hand are not separated during fetal development), polydactyly (having more fingers), and fingers that do not grow or even grow too big. If you are not confident about it, you can visit hand surgeon Houston and let us help you to improve it.

For the sake of safety and efficacy of surgery, the patient will undergo a pre-surgical physical pre-feasibility check. We have a skilled workforce, we will help you as much as possible for your comfort and trust in us.

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