Dec 19, 2017

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Difference Replantation and Skin Flap In Hand Surgery

Have you ever asked how hand surgery is done? If you are looking for info on hand surgeon, you can visit hand surgeon Houston. Here are some types of surgery on the hand:

– Replantation

Replantation is a necessary action when the hands or parts are removed from the body, by accident or injury. To do this, the detached part should not be at the necrotic stage, meaning the tissue is not dead. In this action, the surgeon will connect the blood vessels and nerves correctly, to restore its function.

– Skin Flap

Skin Flap is a variation of skin grafting. The main difference between the two is that skin flap has a healthy blood supply. This means, when taken from the donor area to be grafted, the surgeon must carry the blood vessels, muscles, and fat. This action is strongly recommended when the network is severely damaged and blood supply is lost.

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